Awareness Creation within the G8 pilot project
"A Global Marketplace for SMEs"

Tuesday 8 September 1998
Manchester Town Hall, Room 301
Agenda and download of presentations .

The purpose of this session was to highlight awareness initiatives launched at regional, national, and international levels within those countries contributing to this project. It above all appealed to individuals and organisations (intermediaries, projects, etc.) that have an interest in the development of awareness, and the collection of supporting information relating to best practice in this arena. This session was webcast enabling remote viewing of the presentations as well as the opportunity to phone questions through to the interactive sessions, and see the responses. The webcast facilities provided by StreamTeam webcasting.

This session was being organised by the KITE project (part of DGIII's Esprit Programme) which is supporting the G8 pilot project, a Global Marketplace for SMEs.
Specific inquiries may be addressed to Ian Culpin.