The project Kite has produced newsletters which act as a dissemination vehicle for the support of the G8 Working Group "A Global Market Place for SMEs" as well as a means of creating a Europe-wide focus on electronic commerce. Its content is of particular benefit to SMEs, which have limited resources for information gathering.

Kite made available five newsletters online and in print form:

Newsletter 5

  • Mansfield Motors
  • Dragonfly Toy Company
  • Time for Action! This Means You!
  • Transtec
  • Sailcoach
  • Editorial
download of Newsletter 5 (zip file 0.6 MB)

Newsletter 4

  • Net Success Stories
  • Gazelles and Gophers
  • Project Atlas II
  • Internet and Commerce Growth
  • The Power of Global Domain Names
  • New Publication
  • Nothing Ventured. Nothing Gained.
  • Boosting Entrepreneurs
download of Newsletter 4 (zip file 1.2 MB)

Newsletter 3

  • Net Success for SMEs
  • Improving Business Search on Internet
  • G8 in Texas
  • Data Protection Issues
  • Work and the Web
  • Users and the Web
  • E-commerce Forecasts
  • Electronic Commerce Summit
  • Events of Interest
download of Newsletter 3 (zip file 2.3 MB)

Newsletter 2

  • Considering Legal Requirements in E-commerce
  • SMEs Demonstrate Net Success Page
  • Seven Case Studies from the KITE Database
  • Surveys and Forecasts on the Internet and E-commerce
  • The KITE Inventory
  • What's coming next issue and events
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Newsletter 1

  • Best Practice for European SMEs - Rosalie Zobel DGXIII
  • Electronic Commerce - Martin White Reviews Internet Resources
  • US Internet Freedom Act
  • Speech of Mrs Barbara Roche MP at the International Commerce Exchange Conference
  • The BT Awards for Innovation in E-business
  • The E-commerce Forecasts
  • G8 Pilot Project - Manchester Event
  • A Sample from the KITE Electronic Commerce Inventory
  • Better Practice from Canada and UK
  • Comment
  • An Overview of the KITE Project
  • Contacts and Acknowledgements
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