This 70 page study on electronic commerce and secure telecommunications for the STOA (Scientific and Technological Options Assessment) group was elaborated by Teleport Sachsen-Anhalt GmbH (Sylvie Feindt) and Martech International SA (Ian Culpin) in 1998.

Please view the Table of Contents, read the Executive Summary, the Policy Options or download the entire study (Word zip 98 kB).

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Policy Options

  1. 1. The Electronic Commerce Market (Sylvie Feindt)
1.1 A global market
1.2 The US Market
1.3 The European Market
1.3.1 The European Union
1.3.2 Central and Eastern Europe
1.3.3 The Mediterranean
1.4 Asia-Pacific Market
1.5 Conclusions

  1. The Political and Legislative Context (Sylvie Feindt)
2.1 Regulatory issues
2.1.1 Competition
2.1.2 Business legal environment
2.1.3 Taxation
2.1.4 Intellectual Property Right
2.1.5 Data Protection
2.1.6 Encryption and Digital Signature
2.1.7 Harmful and illegal content
2.1.8 Payment Systems
2.2 External economic relations
2.3 Conclusions

  1. The socio-economic impact (Ian Culpin)
3.1 The effect on world trade (macro economic)
3.2 Business process reengineering (micro economic)
3.3 Social effects
3.4 A dematerialization effect?

4. Annex: Case studies